CC la Doula

Supporting Birthing People and Families Throughout The Full Spectrum of Reproductive Outcomes. 

As your Doula, I will work by your side; present in each moment with a spirit of love and compassion. I’ll provide you with the emotional, educational and physical support you need for your pregnancy, adoption, miscarriage, abortion, and postpartum period. 


Meet CC la Doula

How I Got Here

I am a former high school teacher, so I have a passion for helping others. After having two kids with the support of a doula for each birth, I became eager to help other people and families through the biggest change of their lives. Every birthing person deserves the birth they want and I am committed to helping them attain it! I am a full spectrum doula which means I support birthing people in all pregnancy outcomes. Let’s talk about how I can best support you today.       


My Services

What I Do


Physical Support

In your reproductive journey, I will stay with you physically; whether it be labor, miscarriage, or abortion. I will stay by your side throughout the duration of any of these reproductive outcomes. As well, if I am your postpartum doula, I will come to be with you for a certain number of hours a week: whatever is agreed upon by both of us. Lets chat to discuss how I can best help you!

Proven Benefits of a Doula

Reduces need of Cesarean by 28%

Reduces the need for Pitocin by 31%

Reduces the need for forceps or vacuum extractor by 12%

Reduces the need for pain medication by 9%

Reduces dissatisfaction for birth by 34%






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